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Complex development services

Our company has been around for five years, but our teams and developer squads share a history of 15 years.

Our methodology was not created at the drawing board or from textbooks: numerous trying experience, success, mistakes and unsuccess taught us which is the right path to follow. We learned over the years that the right way of handling problems is not serving the clients in a servile manner, but to handle them as partners, so we can find an optimal solution to their problems together.
Our development plans are the following:

We can dedicate a whole team to each project, with all key players. At the same time we have extensive experience in working in situations and environments where we provide only certain members for a team, or where our team has to “host” members from outside.
We’ve worked with partners from almost all around the world, in widespread multicultural teams, so our colleagues can handle confidently any difficulties caused by intercultural differences.

Incidental communication difficulties are helped by our internal language training program and our coaches.

We provide a complex internal training program to our colleagues to ensure their permanent professional development. It includes: